Dream: In Shaykh Nazim’s house


I find myself in Shaykh Nazim’s house. I see it’s been changed.. an extra room that looks like a shop, selling a few things. I look around but don’t want anything. There’s a curtain dividing the room, I know Mawlana is behind it. It would be so easy for me to pull the curtain back,  I realize that’s not good manners, so I start to cry wanting to see him so much calling many times “madad Syidi madad” but no answer.. I look to the conner of the room. I’m standing in and see a container of water.. I pour myself water and sit and drink… There at my feet is a duck, water coming from its mouth.. I guess the container changed to a fake duck?… Thank you all:)


wa `alaykum salam,

You are yearning for Mawlana to see him and give your respect to him. He was not answering, means you need to progress more and more in your spirituality. That did not prevent you from receiving that water, which is the Water of Life and Youth that Sayyidina al-Khidr found.  That means that spring of spirituality will always be coming to you. Its miraculous change into a duck, signifies the innocence of the duck and the purity of the duck. That means the water was giving out some beauty symbolized by the duck.

Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani

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