Dream: Isthikhara for marriage


I did isthikhara for getting in touch with a ‘guy’ I like to eventually express my feelings. I fell asleep without wudhu, though but did everything else correct.
In  the dream my brother tells me the ‘guy’ is a murderer, but when I sat with ‘him’ and my cousins on a large green field, we are talking about the murderer and it’s not ‘him’.
I have a tiny splint of wood in the palm of my hand and ‘he’ tries to get it out. I get happy. But there’s already tiny clumps of skin taken off on that part of my hand.
I then go to another part of the field where my old school friends are and 1 friend tells me about another murderer and how he murdered somebody. There is something to do with apples here, not sure if they are red or green.
Should I get in touch or never talk to him?


wa `alaykum salam,

The murderer in dream is someone whose worries will be taken away as in the verse {And you did kill a man and We delivered you from great distress} (20:40), and the injured hand means rizq will come to you either from a blood relative or a relative through marriage.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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