Dream: Istikhara for Nikah


I am doing Istikhara about a girl (non-Muslim with keen interest in religious studies and Tasawwuf). The first night I dreamt:

“I am with the girl in the backyard of a house. I leave her there and come inside and fall asleep. When I wake up I go and look outside in the back-yard for her but I can’t find her. I can see a garden hose and water running from it. There is a manhole open in the garden with the lid next to it. I peer in the manhole to see only scum and air bubbles rising; I instinctively reach down inside the scum and can feel her hand. I pull her out and hose her with the water. I have this uneasy feeling that she jumped inside the manhole intentionally as if to commit suicide.”

Could you please interpret for me ?


Alaykum Salam,
In sha Allah
through you she will gradually move away from a toxic or self-destructive lifestyle back to fitra.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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