Dream: Istikhara Vision


Hi I performed a marrige istikhara for marrige last night. I am not very good at pronouncing, but I tried my best and wasn’t sure if it would work. After I fell asleep last night I kept visulising every time my eyes opened a ‘drawn picture, of a spider which was black, on a green coloured in page’ it looked like something my 5 year old school children draw. I then fell back asleep and dremt that I was saying to my mum “all I dream of is the colour red” and my mum tellin me “this is not the marriage you should do, you don’t actually love him, you shouldn’t even be doing istikahara.” What does this mean, please help


Both dreams are on the negative side, so if unsure it is best to pass.
Hajj Gibril Haddad

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