Dream: Jinn Baby


I fell asleep while nursing my year old and dreamt that i see a baby and it is mine. His curly hair looks short but it can unravel to longer hair. Then i see him with a really long thick plait to one side. Somehow i know this is a jinn baby. Then i see more jinn just carrying on with life and i start to recite Qur’an and Ayatul Kursi then they recite it with me and tell me that they are Muslim jinn. Then I think that i should recite Dua Ayatul-Kursi (i try to remember if i recited it this day). I nurse my baby and am handing the baby to my dad when the baby’s head starts growing bigger and i realize that this is a jinn! The jinn all around me are non-threatening and smiling while carrying on their activities.



This is an opening to the world of jinn around you. The shuyukh of Naqshbandi speak about pious jinn that relate to the protective power of Ayat al Kursi. Wallahu alam.

Kamau Ayyubi

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