Dream: Ka’bah doing sajdah and recurring dreams of babies


Salaam wa alaikum

A few years ago I dreamed I was in Mecca and in front of the Ka’bah. I was with 2 siblings, we did sajdah. The Ka’bah got up, and also did sajdah; as if doing Sajdah to Allah swt, as we do as humans.

Recently I have been having recurring dreams about babies (I am married). Here are two examples: One, I am carrying a baby, and reciting Ayatul Kursi, the other, I dreamt a baby was crying, its mother handed it to me, and I started reciting Yasin too it, and it quietened.

Forgive me for any lack of adab I may have displayed in my questions.

N.B I received and interpretation about my dream about Ayatul kursi, where I am advised to read it- Jazalhallah khayrun for your efforts.


wa `alaykum salam,

Seeing yourself in Mecca doing good deeds means that Allah will shower you with His favors. Seeing the Ka`abah and your sajda praying means they will pray and intercede for you insha-Allah.

Seeing yourself reciting Surat Ya Sin means you have been favored with strong faith and certainty, and that you love Prophet (s). Seeing yourself carrying babies can have many meanings. Carrying a baby girl has better meaning than carrying a baby boy. It may mean that you are asked to carry some responsibilities in helping others.

Success is from Allah.

Ali Elsayed

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