Dream: Kissing Shaykh Nazim’s hand


Asalam alaikum brothers/sisters
I have been a mureed of shaykh for 3 years nearly. Today I had a dream that I was traveling with Shaykh on a helicopter and we were landing in a green field kind of area. As soon as we landed I rushed out and went to see shaykh. Shaykhs left forearm was bending as if it was broken but it would go back to normal when they moved. I went up to hold their hand and I kissed it. Then we carried on walking in the field. Could you please interpret this and inform me why shaykh’s forearm was bending as if it was broken then reshaping back to normal.

Jazak allah khair

wa `alaykum salam,
Green in a field has many positive meanings, but the one I believe fits most for you dream is submission to God. Insha-Allah by following Mawlana, you will be raised to a state of submission to God.

Allah knows best.

Ali Elsayed

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