Dream: Marriage in Trouble


AOA Ya Sheikh
I have been going through relationship difficulties due to narcissist personality of my husband, even though through out our marriage of 17 years I helped him financially, socially, morally and religiously. He just wanted to have his right and never ready to share his responsibilities towards me and children. A few days ago he tried to kill me and I asked him to leave home afterwards I did Istikhara about his true nature and saw two white snakes with big eyes and tentacles. I have lead quite a few time in tension but now ready if separation or divorce is the right way as I don’t want to live this cat and dog life any more. Please pray for me and tell me what is interpretation and right way for me.
Jazak Allah


If no reconciliation seek divorce. Protect yourself and your children by any means if the relationship has been replaced with danger. Inform your relatives and avail yourself of trusted emotional support to see you through this difficult period. Recite ya Latif ya Hafiz x100 .

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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