Dream: Marriage istikharah



My aunt prayed the istikharah prayers for me (she asked whether if the boy I was seeing was good for me).

She dreamt that she attended a wedding in a foreign country (to her, it seemed like India). In the dream she wore a red dress but a beautiful green shawl. Everyone in the dream praised her by saying she looked young and very beautiful. She herself was very happy. Her relatives also praised her beautiful shawl. In fact the whole dream was based around how beautiful the green shawl was. Suddenly amidst the dream, the shawl went missing. She was so distraught over it. She never found the shawl again and that’s how the dream ended.


`Alaykum salam,
The dream is good. The shawl took away the envy shown by all that praise, which will be deflected from the couple insha-Allah. The word also points to the Arabic word shool which means little water. It also points to shuwwal which is the plural noun for sha’il, a milkless she-camel; its removal signifies blessing and rizq.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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