Dream: Mother’s train ride


salam aleykum
My mother had a dream quite awhile ago. She took a train in which there were few people and then she fell asleep and woke up. It then descends at a station afraid to go farther because this place is not known, she saw some people well in a humble village. Then she asks for a woman with an infant but that village is here, the woman replied with his head down slightly and then she asks for the family and then she asks the family but this family said that “Here things are a little difficult”. Then she went into another house and ask/answered the same thing,but then she asks for a man that indicates the station being right there in front. So she goes to the station where it descends and then finds a path with short lines. The place was dark. What does it mean?


Bismillahi ‘r-Rahmani ‘r-Raheem,

The English is a bit hard to understand but I will do my best to interpret this dream. It could mean that your mother made a decision and the train means that she got there with no effort on her part. She was surprised to arrive there and wants to know how she got there forgetting that she had made the decision herself to start this endeavor. The point is she should share her idea with others, consult with others to have support. This way she will not be carried away by the train without knowing where she is going.

And Allah knows best.

With salams,

Yassir Chadly

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