Dream: MSN vs secret of YA’SIN (K.Tourq)


Something prevented me from reaching MSN; but as soon as I started reciting the 11th verse of Ya’Sin (br. K.Tourq’s recent advice), I saw MSN in a dream as I wished. MSN had wonderful traditional khufs; I saw it as he put his right foot on his left knee.The shoe, his right foot, was made of natural sheep-wool (authentic,same color), thick, comfortable, clean. That got my attention and kissed it. I did; I kept looking at his unique shoe. As soon as he noticed me, he said, “Are you a muslim? come quick near me.” I said, “yes and my heart has been aching for Muhamed’s Love (s”). He read from a book about my past life including my eating habits. He uttered: “no oil in the air,hein?” I said yes secretly; he knew that I lost my job with an oil company! But suddenly I saw myself in situations where no evil man could see me or harm me.

MshAllah K.Tourq’s wisdom. Thanks to MSH’s prayers (authentic Sufis)


`Alaykum salam,
You are on a path of spiritual progress under Mawlana Shaykh Nazim’s supervision and the sight of his khuff in cold weather (as now) signifies removal of worries for you insha-Allah.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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