Salam Alaykum Shaikh:
I was walking along the streets at night when I saw a ram with a big horn between its eyes. It did not have those spiral horns they really have. It was not prowling either rather it was hopping and shaking the ground as it lands. Everyone ran from it, I ran from it as well but it kept hopping and shaking until it corned me into a strangers house then I was forced to defend myself. I beat it into submission I had someone accompany me who was a Jew he also tried to attack it while it was on the ground. I stopped him and noticed it was actually giving birth. I saw a child-like version of me in a red dress come out with long hair but spiked or pointy my real hair is curly.I watched (child) myself transform into like Prophet Musa(PBUH).


Alaykum salam,
A ram signifies contention but in time good comes out, through struggle against ego.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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