i saw a dream about my ex girlfriend


splitup wth my ex 5 mnth bck and last nyt i cudnt cntrl it nd cried to Allah swt to gve my lve bck and i fall aslp crying. in a drm i saw my nphw who is too yng to spk.He said my ex is with smone else and will mrry to him in 2 mnth and i wl nvr gt married


As long as we say “girlfriend” and “boyfriend” no support from heavens will come. First of all our intention, niyyah, must be correct, to marry, not to play sexual games. Once corrected, the intention will be supported by Allah swt and He will arrange everything in the best of ways. The baby speaking is your soul, which is still in an infant state because you are not providing it proper spiritual nourishment. It is speaking with the tongue of truth, because it is innocent. Allahu a`alam – Allah knows best.

Aziz Hussein

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