Dream: My wife??


A few years ago I dreamt of the woman I would marry; she kissed me and I felt an amazing, pure, spiritual feeling– it was the most wonderful feeling I’ve ever felt in my life – whether awake or asleep. The only thing is…I couldn’t see her face.

This year, after praying to God for a wife, I had a dream of someone I know, she also kissed me in the same way, under a tree that was shining like gold in the darkest of nights in the middle of a road. On either side were villas in a very well-to-do, rich area in my country which I hate and don’t approve of because I feel it is too ostentatious and an example of unnecessary wealth. Also, in this dream, this woman is both my wife and a “fallen woman”.

That last part worries me. Is she “the one”?


Insha-Allah the right one will be shown to you in a more spiritual way and you can be more certain at that time, especially if it follows the Prophetic recipe for Divine consultation, which for a Muslim is istikhara.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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