Dream: On my Death bed and standing infront of Allah


Had a dream where I was on my deathbed and my family was gathered around me and crying but I didn’t care even a bit about them and was just worried about myself. I was talking to angels of death and begging them not to take me with them as I can’t show my face to Allah with the deeds I have. They told me that I should have thought about it before and it’s too late now. But I still begged and asked them to let me talk to Allah. They told me that Allah doesn’t talk to people like this but I cried and cried until I was standing in front of Allah (didn’t see Allah, just the presence was there). I begged Allah to give me one more chance and let me go back as I was scared of His punishment and kept crying until I woke up.


Make tawba.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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