Dream: One piece of gold and two pieces of turquoise



Dream: I was with this person(don’t know who he is) but the both of us were in a sea (near to the shore). He taught me how to swim inside and take gold from it(he also demonstrated). Then he went away but kept observing me. I did the same thing(several times) and finally I got gold and two beautiful turquoise stone. The man who taught me this became jealous for some reason.I gave the gold and the turquoise to him in gratitude for teaching me this. He left after this. Then I started sinning but controlled myself and the dream ended. Pls help me interpret this dream




Wa alaikum salaam,

This shows the sincerity in your quest for spiritual knowledge.
There will be struggles in this but by struggling against the bad ego
you will succeed, inshaAllah.

Wallahu Alam,
Kamau Ayyubi

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