Dream: orange dragon


Assalamulaikum Maulana,

It all started when I approached a village that was in great distress I felt. So a amir came to me said that someone told him that I could help them. I was dressed in full sunnah and a orange turban. They escorted me to there courtyard and stood a enormously orange dragon. I looked at the dragon it roared furiously but i jus gulped, threw my juba off, shined the sword of light. that’s when the battle was on. The dragon thrusted it’s tail at me i jumped and all of a sudden i was on top of the dragons back. I said a few arabic words which was bismilah Arahman iraheem. There the dragon disappeared after it was slayed. There was a shrine in front of me while the amir and the villagers was rejoicing. then i awoke.
Please forgive me Maulana. GOD BLESS U AND PLEASE FORGIVE ME LORD.


wa `alaykum salam,

So nice to hear from you it has been many years.

This is a very good dream. The dragon in the dream is  your ego and the amir is your heart. The village represents the body. Slaying the dragon of the ego saves the village from dominance by hawa, lustful desires, with Allah’s Power and Mercy in the Bismillah, and puts the prince of the heart in charge again. Good tidings!

And Allah knows best!

Taher Siddiqui

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