Dream: Salafi Father, Siraat and Surat Al-Kawthar


My father doesn’t want to speak to me after I asked him to peacefully discuss that I’m Sufi and he’s Wahabi. The day he refused, I dreamt that me and my brother were on a bridge like the siraat wider than a man. Something was behind us so we had hurried and had a time limit to get into jannah. My brother crossed and I was behind him. When we reached the other side there was a blackboard and I told my brother quickly, “say Bismillah and go into jannah”, so he did. I said bismillah and tried to go but couldn’t because the board was solid. I started writing Surat Al-Kawthar in red and another color (maybe black) and before I wrote ‘‘huwal-abtar”, my dad came complaining about something on my laptop. I dealt with it and quickly came back. The dream ended as I was about to continue writing.


This is a good dream about basmalah which is the crown of believers and treasure of Awliya, representing Surat al-Fatiha and the entire Qur’an. The dream is about your intercession, as children dislike to enter Jannah without their parents. So eventually your father will be more accepting through your good model and because rejecting path of Awliya means rejecting Allah and His Rasul, which your father realizes insha-Allah. So keep respect and love and recite often “wala sawfa yu`teeka Rabbuka fa tarda”. Some scholars said al-Rabb is the greatest Name.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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