Salamun Qaulam mir Rabbir Rahim



This morning around 10am fell asleep. Woke up with finding myself reciting “Salamun Qaulam mir Rabbir Rahim” it happened few more times same way at night too. What is this means Sayidi ? Please let me know.
Also this morning woke up with a disturbing dream about my father and mother hating me for some reason which I couldn’t figure out in my dream. They are trying get rid off me, blaming for this and that which I knew its not true in my dream. I was so unhappy and hurt because I didn’t know why they are acting like this. Woke up with a bitter heart. It drained my energy . Please can you interpret this and let me know.
Thank you for being patient with me which is highly appreciated.


`alaykum salam,

Salamun qawlan mir-rabbin-raheem is Allah’s benediction on the couples in Paradise, so good tidings for you of Paradise with your husband, insha-Allah.

Ignore the other dream and focus on the good.

Taher Siddiqui

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