Saw myself reciting kalma when i was dying


i saw my family around me and my mother hugging me and crying we all were standing then I confessed in front of everyone I am going to the place where my late father is touched my back then fell down and felt the soul getting out of body reciting kalima.


Alhamdulillah that dream is the experience of “die before you die” and since you are not able to carry the burden of that immense state in physical life, your guiding murshid has taken you there in the spiritual realm, through that dream. Insha-Allah that is a heavenly gift from them and though you may not experience the fruits of that station in physical life, they are present and stored up in the treasure-house of Awliyaullah until Judgment Day, when these will become apparent to you and to all, insha-Allah. Preserve the sanctify of this gift by holding fast to your Divine service, in prayer, fasting, sadaqa, hajj and all forms of Sunnas. Allah knows best.

Taher Siddiqui

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