Dream: Sayyidina al-Khidr?


assalamu’alaykum yaa Shaykh

A few days ago I had a dream, to attend a Majlis Maulana Sheikh Nadzim Alhaqqani QS, and met with the figure of a man in the Majlis. I was greeted by the man and then invited to shake hands, he smiled to me. But I do not know who he was .. he was then greeted by Maulana Sheikh Nadzim Alhaqqani QS, and after awhile the man left. Maulana Sheikh Nadzim Alhaqqani QS calling me, then without prejudice to my respect to him, I went to Maulana Sheikh Nadzim Alhaqqani QS, and Maulana said to me “you know who he was?” then I replied “I do not know Maulana, the more you know about the man” and the Maulana says “the man is Hadrat Khidhir as” .. Then I was shocked, and awakened from sleep .. and I see the time is still early in the morning at 3:30 am ..

Yaa sayidi, Sheikh please explain to me, is this just an illusion? Because previously I had never dreamed like this. And whetherSyaithan who are in my dream it? Or whether he really Maulana Syaikh Nadzim Alhaqqani QS and Hadrat khidhir as?

Jazakumulloh bi ahsanil jaza yaa Sayidi..
wassalamu’alaikum ..


`Alaykum as-Salam,

Seeing Sayyidina al-Khidr (upon him peace) in dream signifies fertility and ease after difficulty, and safety after fear. You are under Mawlana’s close supervision and the entire Golden Chain Silsila, as they say in the books of the Naqshbandi masters, is mobilized to assist you in your task so insha-Allah there is protection and guidance in this. So do not fear. See alsohttps://eshaykh.com/sufism/baya-after-a-shaykhs-lecture/

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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