Second Marriage failed, Dreaming of MSN


I been married twice but both failed miserably that I feel like killing myself. I was already bayah with a shaykh in Pakistan who passed away in 2009, and then Isaw Maulana Sheikh Nazim in my dream and did bayah on 1st of March,2012.
I saw Maulana Sheikh Nazim in my dream one day before divorce. Mauwlana was reciting Qur’an and I went to him and ask to touch his feet and massage because he looks tired. I asked Maulana to pray for me and he replied would you be able to stay in Cyprus if we fulfill your wish. I said yes. And then I saw Qur’an it wasn’t fixed at the base and I ask Maulana’s permission to fix it and when I saw it was Para 12, front page. Please interpret this dream for me. And also suggest me to read is it punishment or azmaish ?



wa `alaykum salam,

Based on Mawlana’s generous response, it is not a punishment but support from Mawlana’s side for your decision. Fixing the Quran to a base means due to your baya` you will become attached to the Holy Qur’an and obedience to Allah swt and His Prophet (s) and will insha-Allah fulfill your spiritual goals.

And Allah knows best.

Taher Siddiqui

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