Dream: Shaykh Hisham & MSN Nazim


A son of my family friends, [private]  often sees dreams that relate to attaining leadership of the Muslim Ummah. I did istikhara for him that will he truly get a role to play in future for the Ummah. I saw in my dream that I am in my car and its going on a smooth straight road that is leading upwards. On that road I saw Shayakh Hisham and Shayakh Nazim walking. When my car passed them i salute them and Shayakhs smile and nod. Then i am out of my car and start walking behind them out of respect. We see a side road and Shaykh Nazim stands there and says, Ata-ur-Rahman has great role to play in future but there are also some major draw backs in his personality like he speaks lies.” Then he points to that side road which showed draw backs of his personality.


The greatest role of our futures is enduring righteousness (istiqama) and a good death with belief in our hearts and on our lips. The drawback that was mentioned is the typical trap of all the murids of Mawlana who are hankering after leadership. Rather than don peacock feathers in their caps and build up websites and Youtube and a following for  themselves they should deflate their ego and say nothing except dhikr and salawat. Otherwise, as soon as they open their mouth they reveal their ignorance and arrogance. As Shaykh Hisham said so many times, Do not try to be leaders because you will not be able to carry that; rather, try to be followers, like sheep: that is safest.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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