Dream: Shaykh Muhammad Effendi


I’m in garden. There are four people sitting at table with Shaykh Muhammad, I give salam and tell him my dream and they give me good interpretation (cant remember it).
Then I’m in some toilets (bathroom) and some local Wahabis are in the toilets and they are telling me the dream meant bad and I told them no it didn’t and they are mocking.
All of a sudden I’m in a mansion/palace. I tell Shaykh Muhammad I’m in debt and cant afford a place. He says hes looking to hire someone who can speak English for job and offer me it, then they show me around part of their castle. They offer me 3 floors for me and my family for a very low price. Then smile and say that soon we (me and him) will be firing arrows across the other side and will be martyrs under Imam Mahdi.



This dream can mean that Shaykh Muhammed does not want you to debate with the Wahabis about unseen knowledge. Then you will increase your spiritual knowledge through Shaykh Muhammed who lives in Mawlana’s Palace. Sending the arrows is the daily wird and reviving the Sunnah means you will be receiving the level of martyrs, including “intizhar al-faraj `ibadah, waiting for relief [in this time the Mahdi (as)] is worship.”

And Allah knows best.

Yassir Chadly

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