Dream: Sheikh Nazim 2 days in a row


I am pregnant and in my dream my stomach is cut open and my spleen is hanging out. I call to Sheikh Nazim to help me and Sheikh Nazim appears in front of me and touches my stomach and it is cured immediately. 2nd night I dreamt that I drop a paper and I get under the table to pick it up and Sheikh Nazim sat there and says to me what are you doing. I reply I’m not touching your feet I’m picking up a paper that I dropped. He smiles at me and I ask him to bless us. He smiles again and I think he said yes ok.


A secret of yours was revealed but with Mawlana’s baraka deflected its consequences and protected you. Give sadaqa. The second dream indicates: do not sin. And Allah knows best.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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