Sister dreamt of spider like creature


As salaam 

My sister dreamt it around 4am in the morning (in the end of Shabaan) but did not relay the dream to us until now. Dreamt that there was a “spider like” creature crawling around…and somehow my sister opens the inside of this animal and finds the tiniest of the tiny pillow and a plastic bag. Inside this bag, she finds a tasbeeh (prayer bead), a white georgette head scarf, and a prayer rug/mat. Sister quickly takes all three of these and gives it to mom and says to mom ” look, Allah swt loves you and gave you this”.

Kindly let us know what our respected Sayydi thinks of this dream in light of the tremendous affliction my mom and we are experiencing. Our goal is not just her shiffah but whatever is best for her short and long term…whatever shape that takes by Allah’s Riddah. InshaAllah


wa ‘alaykum salam

The spider hid Rasulallah sall-Allahu `alayhi wa sallam, from eyes of unbelievers, so her seeing a spider like is indicating hifz-ilahi ( divine protection) for her and family in her life.


Shaykh Hisham Kabbani

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