Dream: Snakes


Assalmu Alaiykum,

I am posting this on behalf of the request of my Catholic friend. I hope you can interpret her dream.

She was sleeping in a bedroom that was not hers and it was all white but the room lights were dim. She felt something around her so she woke up in the dream and saw two snakes. They were black snakes but they had red, gold, and silver colors on them. They were almost identical. They came out of the wall and went into the heater and she jumped and it went towards the other heater. They both moved at the same pace but one was faster than the other. When that happened she woke up scared because the snakes were very close to her. The snakes were flat and they moved slow. They weren’t long. They traveled straight. Their body didn’t curve.

Thank you. Assalamu Alaiykum.


Wa `alaykum salam,

These snakes represent satanic forces trying to harm her. They are
straight as they oppose the Straight Path.

Let her ask God’s protection from the four enemies of all human
beings: love of the world, the selfish ego, Satan and lustful desires.

Taher Siddiqui

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