Dream: Should I stop meeting the woman I dreamt about?


The hostess at a party ignores me when I tell her about the miraculous rescue of the miners. I go past a pond with black water near which is a beach and ocean. The hostess looks old and sits naked in the pond while her husband swims naked. To protect my children I take them to another room with Indian people. The two miners come into the room to meet the hostess in private. I tell the Indians about the miracle, they listen respectfully. I speak with another group of Indians who ignore. I say salams to MSN standing close by. He asks me to get him water in a clean glass. Couldn’t find clean glass nor water to clean. I find a hose difficult to handle and make people wet. The hostess plays a joke on me by hiding my baby. I think I’ve found mybaby in the oven but it is my eight year old daughter transformed into a baby. Istill keep looking for my little baby.


Islam is fully based on respect, adab, first to Allah, then to the Prophet (s) and then to awliyaullah. Missing respect to awliyaullah means missing respect to the Prophet (s) and missing respect to the Prophet (s) means you cannot achieve respect to Allah swt. Some people, regardless of their belief, have a better respect to awliyaullah than those who were raised in Islam. Such respect will raise them, without them being aware why, and lack thereof will lower those who are deficient, without them aware of why.

Focus more on your internal spiritual life and avoid those who take you to lower dunya desires. Love of the shuyukh is what will rescue us in this time.

Taher Siddiqui

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