Dream: Tawiz and giving Mawlana water


Salaam wa alaikum

My dream was set in Cyprus at Mawlana’s home. I was gathered with a group of people as Mawlana was coming downstairs. He walks past, and hands me a small brown square taweez and looks at me. The 2nd part of dream, Mawlana is to walk past again. There is silence in the crowd and people are haughty as they are not agreeing with a decision Mawlana has announced (something to do with marriage, I am not sure). I am there, and thinking, I don’t care, I trust Mawlana! Mawlana walks past, and I think, he must be thirsty. I have a large wooden spoon filled with water. I go to hand it to him, Mawlana reaches to me and drinks from it, while I hold it.

wa `alaykum salam,
you are under Mawlana’s protection, and you will be of service to him.

Allah knows best.
Ali Elsayed

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