Dream: The Hawqala


I dreamed that were renting a house where i grew up. My husband, children, self unpack and a very senior mureed is watching (visible to me only). He said to me you follow a pattern- each time your husband hurts you, you react and then he and so on. i replied – no for the sake of Allah, i kept quiet. as i say this i see all the words that husband used and i feel the pain again. Then i go towards the bathroom – but i float with my head touching ceiling – i see 3 bathrooms in a row, 2 with a man standing in each and third has child – all looking at me and smirking. I say the hawqala and the three of them leave. I go towards the bedrooms and think that when husband gets home i will ask him to give adhan in each room.



This is a dream awakening your consciousness.  Recite what was indicated within the dream to overcome the sickness or deficits in yourself and bring you closer to Allah, His Prophet and his Awliya.

Wallahu Alam

Kamau Ayyubi

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