Dream: The Holy Ka’baah and Weddings


Slmz, I heard that if one dreams of Weddings it isn’t a good thing. Can you please tell me what the Islamic meaning of weddings are in general. I’ve had a good few dreams of weddings recently, and one was also that I was already married and attended a wedding. A very recent dream- I attended a wedding and all of a sudden I seen The Holy Kabaah being lower underground. All I remember seeing was rope like strings holding The Holy Ka’baah and lowering it in down, I also seen a creature that was greyish in colour which seemed like it was struggling and held underground as well. I’m not sure if this was Shaytaan, and this creature was watching the Ka’baah being lowered. Can you please tell me what this dream could mean.


Weddings in dreams are good if (i) they are shown with lawful activities and decorum; and especially (ii) if the dreamer is one of the guests. They are bad if they show intermixing, dancers and singers. The last dream is very good and is as you said, it points to the age of al-Mahdi and the Day of Judgment, represented by the Bayt al-Ma`mur descending on earth. And Allah knows best.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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