Dream: Throwing rocks at us


I dreamed something was going on far down the road, I was in a fortress cage like.. All of a sudden rocks were being shot at me so I threw a blanket over me, and I could feel the rocks hitting the sheet(was protecting me). About 10 metres away my wife was in the same situation. Once I realized that it was happenning to her, I  get up and see men (5-10) with turbans shooting right over the top of her (rocks with a gun) over the cage wall. I get up walk over yell shahadah and tell them they’re dead I’m gonna kill them for attacking my wife. The one shooting had green turban (I think no beard). Then they just looked at me and walked away.


Say RabunAllah HasbunAllah everyday 100 times. Allah will safeguard you from any coming difficulty.

Ali Elsayed

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