Vision of two coffins


This was more of a vision.. 1st I was looking at the face of my pir o murshid and then I entered some bright light type of thing and this was one of the things that I saw..

This vision was in sepia format & in the past…I think it was in Madina Shareef.. I saw 1 coffin covered with black cloth.. There was something written on that black cloth in Arabic-maybe kalima.. There were also a few people standing there. Then a few people brought a small coffin wrapped in white cloth/box carried in a white(noorani) sheet/cloth … They put that small coffin next to the big coffin covered in black cloth..I had a feeling that maybe the body in the small coffin was somehow related to the one in the big coffin(maybe mother and child).. but I wasn’t sure about it..


Visiting Medina in a dream will take away 7 afflictions from you and grant you 7 blessings. Through your Pir you are being connected to the  Holy Presence of the Prophet (s) and his holy family, and inshAllah to Sayyidina al-Mahdi (as).

Ali Elsayed

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