Dream: “We want him”


Asalamualaikum Shaykh,

In my dream I saw the face of Molana Hisham Kabbani (Allah protect him) and Sayyidi Shaykh Molana Nazim (Allah give him long life). They were both looking at me and as if they were standing side by side. Shaykh Hisham turns his face towards Shaykh Nazim and says “we want him”. Then Molana Nazim smiles. Then they both look at me again and then Shaykh Hisham again turns towards Molana Nazim while saying “we want him” and he also smiles at Molana Nazim. Then Molana Nazim looks at Shaykh Hisham and he also smiles. Then they both look at me again and they burst out in loud laughter.



wa `alaykum salam,

Good tidings to you. The dream is very clear in its meaning. You have been chosen for this way, and the shaykhs are confirming this reality for you.

Ali Elsayed

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