Dream: wife dreams of Prophet Muhammad (s)


Two dreams of my wife after shahadah. Both short dreams she had while falling asleep, she thought she might have been mistaken about having them.

In first, she was somewhere dark, and she saw Prophet sitting cross-legged to her right, ahead of her. She felt like he knew her, even though they didn’t speak she felt familiar with him, enough to believe that he wanted her to kiss him on cheek. So she kissed his right cheek. After, she awoke in shock.

In second, she saw a curtain that cornered off a larger room. The curtain appeared like sackcloth on the outside, and like linen on the inside. A carved wood table appeared in the curtained room. She thought that Prophet would sit on that table like a daise if he came down from the sky. Suddenly, she was standing before Prophet. He sat on a raised platform cross-legged, wearing a white turban and clothing. He was older, around 60, and had a white beard/mustache. He had very powerful, lively brown eyes, like a whole universe was contained in them. She was blind to the rest of him due to the entrancing of his eyes.

He sat and addressed an audience, yet she heard no sound of his voice. He looked from his left, stopped as he looked at her directly, then continued to look to his right, all while speaking and raising his right hand and pointing his index finger. As soon as she ‘recognized’ him she awoke shocked.


salam `alaykum,

She could not be mistaken of dreaming of the Prophet (s), w’Allahu `alam. the familiarity of the Prophet (s) to her and her expression of her love to him by kissing his cheek indicates your wife, somehow, has a blood connection to him (s). And this is not strange, for even Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth has a forebear who is from Family of the Prophet (s).

The 2nd dream, the curtain indicates the Prophet (s) is so near, but we only need to draw back the veil between him and ourselves, and that is done through keeping the teaching of Holy Qur’an and the sunnah and following a true guide.  Seeing the whole universe in the Prophet (s)’s eyes indicates that he (s) is the source-spring of creation, for nothing created exists except that it came from the Light of the Prophet (s) as in the famous hadith of Jabir (r). Dressing in white indicates purity of heart. The Prophet (s) pointing his index finger means giving her the real shahada, which is to bear witness to his both Prophethood and station.

Not hearing him  speak while he addressed the audience means he was addressing her at a higher level of consciousness and she must strive to open the ears which can hear that address.

w’Allahu `alam,

Taher Siddiqui

reviewed and approved by Shaykh Hisham Kabbani

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