A Mother’s request



I am in my late thirties and a female. I have younger siblings and my mother has asked me to put off my getting married until the younger males in the family have married. She has said that the reason is she cannot look after her two up two down house. She has also done everything in her power to pollute and manipulate my family against me so I will carry out her request. Her argument also is that I am your mother Jannah is under my feet you have to do as I say. Where do I stand with her request? Do I not have the right to be married as I approach 40?



It is part of iman to respect parents especially mothers. Never argue with them or displease them. We are not even allow to say ‘huh’ to them. We pray for them always and take care of them when they’re old. Your mother needs you most to take care of your younger siblings. Show your good deed toward them and they will not be against you. Keep your intention of marriage at the same time and Allah will bless you, in sha Allah.

Hajjah Faridah

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