A strong-spiritual-authority-physically present in Sham needed to guide brother



German-convert living in Dimashq agreed to marry divorcee. Our concern is, she has strong support and is in her homeland-he doesn’t have hand to guide him or a Shaykh to offer protection. Is there a representative of Moulana physically present in Dimashq to be at his side in his journey too and in marriage? We are afraid that the family and girl could take advantage of his precaroius state/position in a foreign country all alone.We thought of Shaykh AbduSalam Shami because we saw S.MHKabbani praise him, but he´s permi in Jordan.Who else will have patience to deal w/someone who doesn’t know how to ´walk´at all. What about influence in their marriage from her family? They might be concerned that he´s too extreme (because of not wanting T.V-when really he´s simple; follows old ways) and they might have such a strong Syrian Islam. Who can he contact for work and housing in secure Sufi environment.Please give opening. Madad


`Alaykum as-Salam,
Any German murid in Damascus needs to stay in touch with Shaykh Abd al-Hafidh Wentzel. He lives near the Maqam and he also does not own a TV.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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