Ever since I can remember my mother has physically abused me. She has beaten me with a bamboo stick to such an extent that it broke upon impact on my skin she has hit me with a hot pan she has attempted stabbing me with scissors,knifes etc.I was just wondering what Islam says about this? I’m thinking of once I]m at uni to never return home or have contact with her again? Would Allah be angry at me for doing so? Cause I’m scared Allah will punish me for not fulfilling my duty towards her but I don’t understand why I should have to?

Thank you


If she did and is as you say then you do not have to be with her. You can respect her from a distance that does not put you in harm’s way if being near her means she might harm you. Recite “Ya Jabbar” x100 daily to the intention of her mending her state.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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