Prayer Request: Advice/Madad/Forgiveness


We are both aged 20 and intend to be engaged/marry this summer when I finish my degree. I know I am weak mawlana I have cried so much and keep trying to make lots of zikr/awrad and need to repent, but I need to marry her young and study in deen with her. My local imaam has approved of her and knows of my families arrogance. I am confused as to how to repent and if we have been forgiven as up until now I kept relapses in sin with her, yet I have seen shuyukh such as shaykh hisham reading khatam at my house, shaykh nazim at my house with me trying to speak to them privately about my marriage with her, and shaykh nazim offfering me salaam in masjid and shaykh hisham calling me forward when reading khatam.


Get two witnesses, go to your imam and get married.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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