Breaking relationship


Have been married for 20+ years and tried every level to save my marriage; no respect, no relation for 7 years. An affair with younger sister since 14 years confirmed, gambling all the time. I just stayed for Allah and kids. I just waited that they should grow up and judge what is right and wrong. Now I can’t tolerate anything, anger and abused life, I can’t bear it. I am very much disturbed and my kids are disturbed. My one girl starts abusing me since 4 years old. Husband’s in-laws are also with me. My husband is rich man. In-laws and husband’s negative shaitan attitude has ruined my angel kids. Please help me, guide me by Islamic rules. I’m ready for everything. I have done every dua and every action. He hates me, only kept for kids. Dua for me.


Make a list of the blessings in your life and add to it something new every day. Recite Ya Razzaq Ya Shakur x100-1000 daily. This will help banish anger and sadness from your heart and clear your vision in sha Allah. Have patience, Allah loves those with patience.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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