Can I make du’a against her?


I live with my husband and his mother. My mother-in-law has caused me extreme distress over the years. I wanted to know if I could make du’a against her I can’t handle her anymore and I have had patience but now I want to make du’a against her because of her transgressions! Recently my child died she said I didn’t deserve this child she was laughing at the funeral!! She is selfish, she didn’t care that her own son was in pain from losing his child – she was happy I was sad because of losing my child. She talks about Islam and how she will enter al-firdaws right away but she consistently tries to wind me up and cause arguments between my husband and I. How am I supposed to deal with her? I have already given her too much respect and had much patience over her evil antics.


You may say: allahumma hawwil hali ila ahsani hal. Also: Allahumma srif ‘anni sharraha wa srifha ‘anni.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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