Confused about signs and what to do


I love someone I want to marry but things ended badly and we don’t talk. I dont wan’t a haram relationship, I want to fix our issues and get married. I’ve done istikhara but I’m confused, I don’t always have dreams and I can’t work out how I’m feeling or what to do. I see signs of him, I see his name and date of birth. I might wake up in the night and the time is exactly 4:28 (april 28). Do these signs mean anything? I take them as reassurance from Allah that I’m on the right path. But could it be wishful thinking? I don’t know if to move on completely and pray Allah brings what’s best for me, or to move on but have hope and faith that inshallah he’s the one. I’ve heard to never give up on your duas & I feel if I stop praying for Allah to let us be the other half of each others’ deens will be giving up.


Pray two raka`ats on Thursday night. In the first raka`at, recite Surat al-Fatiha and 7 times Ayat al-Kursi. In the second raka`at recite Surat al-Fatiha and 8 times Ayat al-Kursi. After tasleem recite 9 times Ayat al-Kursi then make du`a that Allah will bring what is best for you. Ask Allah if he is good for you, to bring him closer to you and if he is not, to cool your heart over him and to forget him. Insha-Allah khayr.

Hajjah Naziha Adil

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