Daughter’s responsibilities towards her parents
daughter’s responsibilities towards her parents


assalamu alaykoum,

I have few questions Inshallah.
1) What are a daughter’s responsibility financially towards her parents?
2) I went to college to study communications but my mother said “who cares what you did, you did not do what I wanted you to do” I could not be doctor.
3) My mother is always putting me down and always taking my siblings’ side who are trouble makers and always tell me they are better than me.
4) What are my responsibilities towards my step mom who raised me and was kind towards me and is grateful for even if I gave her a penny where my mom is always saying that whatever I do is never enough.
Is there a dua for guidance towards the right career for me?

Jazakallahu kairan


A`udhu billahi min ash-shaytan ir-rajeem
Bismillahi ‘r-Rahmani ‘r-Raheem

Alaikum as-salam wa rahmahtullahi wa barakatuh,

1. Parents who took care and spent financially, time and devoted toward their children since they were born will never be able to be repaid enough by the children.

2. It is good to fulfill mother’s wish especially concerning your future, and life is more blessed if your mother is pleased with you. If you did your best then you are blameless.

3. All mothers love their children. Thought in your mind and your actions toward her are reflected in her treatment of you. So be kind and grateful to her and she will do same to you.

4. You chose your stepmother over her, of course she was very disappointed at you. Mother is the heart of the house; if her heart is happy all the entire people in the house are blessed. Put your mother first three times over others and create harmony with her, make her happy and please her even if you do not agree with her. That is your duty and responsibility toward your mother first, then your stepmom.

Recite dzikir of Allah’s Name and Selawat everyday. Keep 5 daily prayers and make dua for your mother. Allah will guide you for your career inshAllah.

Hajah Faridah

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