Migration to Pakistan.


I’m from England, husbands visa has been rejected twice. I have visited him often in Pakistan. Husband wants me in Pakistan permanently now and my parents are opposing. What is the best decision for me? Please advice, guide me to the right path.


Everyone is doing what is right and true for them to do. Parents do not want their wombs to be cut off and that is why they hate to give away daughters to nationals of other countries. Yet yours consented and now they face the prospect of never seeing you again. Husbands hate separation from those they love and care for and whom the sacred Law made a due part of them for mercy and peace of mind. Yet they go and marry a wife from the other side of the world. Allah hates divorce, He has made obedience to husbands the key to Paradise, and He has also made breaking a parent’s heart a cause for punishment. Ponder these realities. Ask your husband to give sadaqa and try one more time. Offer istikhara prayer and follow what Allah sends to your heart.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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