Prayer Request: Expose or Not


Salaam Aleikum honorable ones,
We live in a western country,getting the legal stay-permit papers for my husband has been difficult, in all ways they have been fighting us. Now a sort of miracle happened -the evilness of the police /government is exposed and -inshallah- this will help to get the papers. Still I was shocked and felt sick of this evil. We pray for them to open their heart and for the papers for my husband. Others, refugees and helpers/good people have also this experience, together we have evidence to expose the hidden evil/nature of some police /officials.

Is it to leave it to Allah and his judgment in the end or should we expose this. This, of course, would make us again in the focus of their anger, but maybe this is what have to be done? Please forgive me my weak faith.


Alaykum Salam,
That is the nature of things, and non Western countries might sometimes be worse. Resign it to Allah with Hasbiya Allah wa ni’ma al Wakil, and your compensation will be from Him in sha Allah.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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