Prayer Request: Feeling very sad and depressed


Assalaam ‘Alaykum all eShaykh staff.

I’m feeling very sad at the moment. There are conflicts between cousins in my family. O said something to 1 of my cousins’ mum and what I said reached my cousins. In fact my sister told me something about my cousins and I told their mum. Now my cousins are supposedly thinking that my sister is watching what they are doing and backbiting to me. This has created a lot of conflicts. I cannot tell everything on eShaykh but please Sheikh Hisham or Sheikh Jibreel, one of you help me. Please Sheikh! I’m confused and I need someone with a spiritual eye to advise me on that and also pray for me. I feel at fault somewhere as it is because of my ego that I told my cousins’ mum about what my sister said on them. I’m really sad Sheikh.



Our religion teaches us not to backbite, not to speak ill of one another. If you feel you are at fault, then man up and admit and seek forgiveness with those you’ve hurt.

If it is someone else who did it, advise that person to seek forgiveness with those they have hurt, and should they refuse, make du’a for them that they will repent.

Abdul Shakur

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