Prayer Request: Harsh overprotective parents


32 year old male. Parents make life so miserable, I don’t even look forward to life. I try to be good, but behind my back they criticize everything everyday. Nothing makes them happy. They mistrust me. Mum doesn’t want me to marry b/c it would mean another female in my life. Dad has always been very harsh. The moment I come home exhausted from work and greet them, they respond screaming about something. I give them money yet they complain. With all the hurt in my heart all my life, I don’t think I love them. If they’re always stressing me out and unhappy with me, I feel what good are anything beyond the faraidh. I wonder what’s the point, when it seems like major sins are being committed. Please pray for me.


Try to find it in your heart to protect them and forgive them as they raised you. Bring them a small gift when coming home on a regular basis. Put a smile on their face and you will have accomplished everything. It is worship and reward so don’t worry.

Putting a healthy distance might also increase love in this case. Marry and start a family so that you and they regain a healthy perspective on life.

Use patience, forgiveness and generous spirit so that harmony prevails and do not be gloomy. Recite ya Karim ya Ghaffar x100 daily. Mawlana Shaykh Hisham is praying for you and them.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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