How to manage my life and marriage?


I don´t know how to marry and how to return to the orient, because I am not able to work and I lose all my jobs because of my concentration problem and because of being slow. Now I get a therapy in Germany. It could take a half year up to one year. If it´s not succesful I could get pension from our government- I would be able to return to the orient to marry. But if it is succesful I will have to make a job training and this would take 3 or 4 or more years and I would not be able to return to the orient and not to marry and I prefer to marry in the orient. But without the pension I can´t live or marry in the orient because there I will also lose all jobs!

So what could I do?

Please pray for me!

Follow therapy in Germany, then get a job there and ask Allah Most High to let you meet a good Muslim woman there. There are many from the Orient and the Occident in search of a good husband.
Hajj Gibril Haddad

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