Making my mother happy- for converts


My question is about making one’s mother happy if one is a convert.
I am a Muslim since 5 years and my mom is very unhappy about this. She hates me to be different than her. She doesn’t like me to have a religious husband, to wear modest clothes,to refrain from pork and alcohol. She says that everything I believe is wrong and that I am a weak person. She can see that I am trying to have a good relationship with her, but she believes if I want to make her happy I should leave Islam. Inshallah I try to be sweet and avoid these topics. I never say I am Muslim in front of her and don’t wear a headscarf, still, she is very aggressive and takes any opportunity to criticize us. How can I make her happy? I am losing hope.
Alf shukr


`Alaykum Salam,
You can make her happy by being happy yourself. Your patience and love with her is the soul of jihad. Do not lose hope but continue to keep the best relations possible without paying any heed to her request that you leave Islam. Do not worry nor lose hope as she has to throw everything at you before she herself follows suit. Your courageous example, even if she does not admit it to herself, is the light of her life.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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