Marriage Situation


Assalamalaikum the circumstance where a woman read 2nd Nikah without her family knowing
Then to find out that her new second husband not the father of her kids after one year says he never wanted it public. Also they do not live together wife living in England claiming single parent benefit where husband full time worker living elsewhere in England. the couple only meet once a month for marital relations. Husband does not want more kids as he tells wife you have enough already .
Wife does not want to be under wrath of Allah Almighty wants to make decision for best. Also wife has only had two men in her life Allah be her witness and never had a STD with first husband since second husband has had smear test results are abnormality.
Requested husband to get checked but he refused. Please could you give best advice JazaakAllah.


`Alaykum salam,

He appears not to want to strengthen the family bond with you. Mention to him your suspicion that he is having an illicit relationship from which you may have contracted STD. You then have the choice to either continue on a new page with him or separate and find someone else who is more pious.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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